Hell’s Kitchen TV Taping Experience

My BF and I went to the Hell’s Kitchen TV taping yesterday!!!

The experience was awesome!

First we had to come dressed as if we were going to a nice restaurant.  My BF and I filled out liability forms prior to checking in.  Once we were checked in we were in the “dining area” aka the waiting room.  There were chips, veggies, cheese, and dip with a few beverages.  Nothing too crazy.  As we are waiting the servers are checking who has checked in and occasionally calling out names to make sure the guests were there.  When they call out your name a server will shortly go to you and your party and take your orders.  The servers showed us the HK menu and creates your ticket.  Sometime during your wait your are told what to enjoy yourself and everything is on HK.  They say to have all the drinks you can and they have cabs that will take you home (on them) and a cab that’ll pick you up from your home to take you back to the vicinity to pick up your car (on them) I’m not exactly sure how they group the people (I’m guessing it depends how you got tickets to HK in the first place)  Any who, you wait a little longer until you’re called to go to the HK set.  Everything is beautifully decorated, and it REALLY does feel like a restaurant.  I walked in there are the photos of the winners of past winners from previous seasons and once in the “restaurant” the is a camera that pans everything, there are servers everywhere, diners waiting for the food, getting settled, camera men going here and there…there’s a lot going on.

THANKFULLY, we got a really good table and we sat in front of the women’s kitchen.  As soon as we were being seated, we hear Ramsey saying “What the fuck?!” to the women’s team. When we are seated and given a bread basket appetizer/teaser as we wait for our appetizer dish.  We are taking the whole feel and ambiance in, occasionally looking at the kitchen.  One of the waiters gives us menus to look at (even though we ordered prior to sitting, but it’s for show)

We’re offered beverages of red wine, white wine, soda, two kind of beer, water, and sparkling water.  We choose sparkling water (which I complete prefer regular water, but hey..) and white wine.  Let me tell you, they kept on refilling my glass, it was hard for me to finish it and I started to feel it during the meal.

Anyway, the food.  We see a dish being being taken out of the oven from the girls side and my BF says “Whoa, look at that flat bread it’s burnt.  Watch it’s going to be ours.”  And a few seconds later we get our flat bread appetizer served to us and OF COURSE I get the burnt crust.  His flat bread didn’t seem cooked, but still tasty.  As soon as we get our foods the camera comes to our table and tries to get our reaction and we had to be complete hams about it. ..over exaggerating our reactions and expressions.  A few minutes later the concierge asks us how are meal is and the cameras are they again.  I swear they really wanna get the feel of a restaurant.  We eat our food, but not the crust. (Too much bread from the basket and our appetizer.)

As we wait and hope for our entree, it finally arrives in a reasonable time.  We both got lamb.  And again the camera comes to us to get our reactions.  We eat and enjoy our meal and sometime during the meal we are given comment cards.  We continue to eat our lamb and during our meal other tables were getting dessert served.  The cooks were cleaning the kitchen and only two cooks were working on dessert to be served.  We finish our meal and given dessert utensils, but unfortunately we weren’t served dessert.  The kitchen was closed and we were told we can stay as long as we wanted.  We were okay with that as long as we ate.  My concern was leaving and being hungry.

Overall, this was a really fun experience.  It’s as if we were in a fancy schamcy restaurant and it was all FREE!  Free food, free drinks, complimentary valet, and they provide a taxi to and from your home if needed. I’d love to come experience it all again.


Author: mizdaryl

I enjoy blogging about DIY projects/crafts, recipes, traveling, music for my aural pleasure, and my daily randoms of life. Take a ride with me through the road of life.

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