4-Year Anniversary Weekend

This past weekend my bf and I celebrated our 4-year anniversary weekend.  We didn’t plan like we usually do..I think because we were planning our winter trip to NYC instead.

We wanted a beach front hotel and we decided on Newport Beach.  It’s not too far from home and it’s a different environment from what we’re used to.  We did crazy last minute planning and was not able to get a beach front hotel so we opted for our second choice which was a short drive away.  We went to Fashion Island (which I swear is the center of it all), Balboa, took the auto ferry (which was awesome. A long wait though depending on the time you go), Balboa Island into Newport Beach, finally checked-into the hotel and hung out in the pool.  We changed and headed for a romantic dinner to whereelse?  The mall of course, hahah.  It was a nice place becuase I wanted something romantic of course.

Maybe I was in the wrong area, but EVERYTHING closes at 10pm!!  The bars, restaurants, drug stores, etc.  There is no life!!  I’m from LA and things here are barely getting started.  We had no choice, but to go back to the hotel and hang out there.  Which wasn’t so bad either.

Sunday.  We wake up early for complimentary breakfast provided with our hotel deal.  Our breakfast was the buffet so we were fatties.  Make your own fresh blended juice, have an omelette made to order, pastries, fresh cut fruit, eggs..the whole nine.  We went back to our room and got ready to check out.  We reserved a spot for whale watching the day before and we were headed out.  We were far from hungry and we went straight to the boat.  I told my bf that it wasn’t in season for whales and we might not see anything, but hopefully we would see dolphins and such.  The boat ride was about two hours and it took a long while for us to finally see whales.  They didn’t flip their tails out of the water, but we did see their backs come off the water.  However, we didn’t see any dolphins =(  Overall, I’m happy we at least saw whales at the whale watching tour.

It was nothing crazy, but it was a very relaxing weekend.


@ Balboa


Balboa Bar.

Happy 4th anniversary to us!


Author: mizdaryl

I enjoy blogging about DIY projects/crafts, recipes, traveling, music for my aural pleasure, and my daily randoms of life. Take a ride with me through the road of life.

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