One month ago

I moved back home a month ago and it’s been an ajustment.

I still don’t have my TV hoooked up to my room. Why?  I simply haven’t called the cable company becuase my box isn’t working.  There are somethings I want to get rid of in my room in order to avoid all the clutter that goes on.  The hardest thing to fix up in my room was my closet.  Idk where all the clothes came from!  I had to veer to the extra cloests in the hallway and my dad’s closet.  With all the chaos I couldn’t find my planner or the TV for my remote for what felt like FOREVER.  I eventually found all the stuff I needed.

Now, the living situation with my parents.  I’ll admit there are times that I get so frustrated with my parents…I’ll go off on them and I always have to remind myself that it’s not my own space anymore and that I have to compromise with two other people.

Financially, I’ve paid off 1 of 2 of my school loans.  I have a couple of thousand left to pay off and I will have a weight lifted off my shoulders.  As for savings, I don’t think I’ve been saving more like I’ve wanted to.  I think it’s b/c I’d go out a little more instaed of putting money aside for the Holidays and NY next month.

Overall, I’m back home and my parents are happy that I’m home and the home doesn’t fell so lonely.  I guess you can say I am too.



Author: mizdaryl

I enjoy blogging about DIY projects/crafts, recipes, traveling, music for my aural pleasure, and my daily randoms of life. Take a ride with me through the road of life.

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