My thoughts on Garcinia Cambogia



We all want to loose weight easily without exercise and not changing our lifestyle.  Garcinia Cambogia was made famous by Dr. Oz.  It is a dietary supplement that you take 3 capsules daily with water 30 minutes to 2 hours before eating.  It suppresses your hunger and gives you the “full” feeling without actually eating.

My co-worker tried it out and then stopped using it.  She gave me her bottle and I tried one capsule (Day 1) the first day and the next day I woke up with an unbelievable throbbing headache.  I went to work hoping it would eventually go away, but my headache wouldn’t subside.  It made me hard to focus at work that I ended up leaving early for the day.  I didn’t understand what was wrong so I went back to bed to rest my head and went about my day.  I took one capsule (Day 2) later in the day and the same thing happened when I woke up the next morning.  My head was throbbing and pounding AGAIN, I then figured out what was wrong.  It was the capsules.  That day (Day 3) I didn’t take the capsule and no headache.  

After 2 days and taking 2 capsules I stopped taking Garcinia Cambogia.  Unfortunately I will not know how effective this supplement is due to the side effects I got from it.  I don’t know if the same supplement from other manufactures will cause the same effects on me, but I’d rather not take a chance.

So, what did I do with the rest of bottle?  I asked others if they wanted to try it (and I told them what the result was for me) and they all refused.  I ended up throwing it away.

What are your thoughts on this?


Author: mizdaryl

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