I wanna go to paralegal school!

Ever since I started my new job early this year I loved it from day 1.  After a few weeks and working with paralegals I thought I should go to paralegal school.  I searched for paralegal schools around my area and talked to advisors at the schools.

School #1

This was the first school I saw and really wanted to go to.  The program starts March 12th and ends February 2015.  Since the program is and extension part of the Junior College and is 11 months, the meetings are twice during the evening and Saturday mornings.  It’s a couple of thousand dollars (with a payment plan option) and is about 10 miles from home.  I’m not too keen on going to school EVERY Saturday at this point in my life because I’m no longer a student, but I would do it anyway.  That wasn’t what detered me from choosing this school, but it’s not an ABA approved school. (American Bar Association.)  I did check the site before searching for schools, but I guess I bypassed it.  When I saw it wasn’t accredited it broke my heart because I had my heart set on it.

School #2

It is another Junior College that is literally down the street from home and IS accreted by the ABA.  I attempted to contact the head of the paralegal department through e-mail, but I didn’t hear from anyone until almost 5 days later the e-mail was sent so I pushed for School #1 in a way.  When I finally made contact, there is no certificate program, but an AA degree.  I wasn’t too keen on this either because I already have a BA degree and it’s like I am going even more backwards.  Also, because it’s an AA, I’ll complete it in 2 years.  However, it would be great because it’s cheaper, closer to home, and I’ll obtain an AA degree.


At this point, I’m looking into all the schools near me.


School #3

I met with the head of the department during work while on my lunch.  It’s a public 4-year college that offers an accredited by the ABA.  The finances are very doable because I would only pay for that quarter instead of a large amount at once (2 classes/quarter = 8 classes = 1 yr)  Classes are offered once a week and I would go to school twice a week for 2 classes.  I like that I am able to leave after work and once class is done my dad will be able to pick me up because it’s not too far from where he works AND I’ll still have time for dinner before I go to class.  So far this is my top school I want to go to, but I’ll be going to an info session for another school in April.


I did find that other schools offered online classes, but I’m not too crazy on that idea.  I’d rather go to class and get that student/teacher interaction.  I know going back to school is gonna be a big change, a challenge and a commitment, but I’m ready for it.  I know it shouldn’t matter, but cost does matter in a way because I’m still paying of my undergrad school loans and I’m oh so close to it, so you know..  Once I complete the paralegal program and earn my certificate I’ll wait for an opportunity to arise at work..  Anyway, whichever school I choose, wish me luck!!



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