Headphones while working out

              If you couldn’t tell from reading my blogs I like working out. I love swimming, I run, do yoga, and occasionally go to the gym.  Ideally looseing weight is the goal, but I atleast try to maintain it.  When I was in high school I swam for 3 years and did volleyball for 1 year. There was conditioning/practice 5 days a week for 3+ hours so I was pretty in shape back then.  (Weren’t we all? Haha)  Those days are done and over with, but I still cannot fathom using headphones while working out.  I worked out without headphones and it seems people cannot workout without them.

              I have tried putting those things in my ears while running and yes it does make the workout go by, but I don’t prefer it.  I’ve also tried just putting my headphones on without music, but what’s the point.  I’ve gone to the gym without headphones too, but people don’t really bother me.  I have too much going on already; car keys, phone, water, towel etc, etc. I just wanna keep it simple while at the gym; phone and towel, everything else goes in the locker.  I went swimming recently and it was crazy I saw a girl with waterproof headphones! Where was this when I was in swim during high schol?  I was blown away.  She was listening to music in the water!  

              Call me old school, but I was used to working out without being plugged in and being tuned out of the world.  I like being in my own thoughts while working out.  I’ve heard people say it keeps the nuances out when they’re at the gym.  But ideally yeah, if you pick the right music it does help you pump yourself up.  I don’t pick the right music and I’m capable of focusing on working out. When I run, I run outdoors and for safety reasons it’s not good to have music blasting in your ears.  I’ve also tried to just put the headphones in my ears, but it serves no purpose except another thing I need to think about while running.  Call me weird because I can’t workout with them.  I just got accustomed to it from the hay day.



Author: mizdaryl

I enjoy blogging about DIY projects/crafts, recipes, traveling, music for my aural pleasure, and my daily randoms of life. Take a ride with me through the road of life.

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