Poll Clerk Experience

Today was the Primary Election and I decided to try being a poll clerk.  It’s extra money and I’m missing work while still getting paid for it.  (Double pay if you will.)  My coworker told me her horror story, but I still wanted to try it out.

I signed up late (last week) so I never received a letter from polling HQ and received a phone call on where to attend training class and my actual polling location. Let me tell you training class, yeah that wasn’t really informational.  I paid attention, but there was so much information to absorb I just figured “Hey, I’ll figure it out when time comes.”

When I typed the address of the polling location online and it was a church (Crick church) I’ve passed by it many times, but in my head I was thinking of a different church (White church) 100 steps away.  When I arrived this morning (6am) I went to the white church thinking I was at the wright place, but I didn’t know the address.  I come in and there were different people setting up, I didn’t know what was going on.  Unbeknownst to me, there were two different precincts and I wasn’t sure where I was going;  One precinct was organized had all its people, including me, (my group) and the other was a complete mess.  They had 4 people show up, but the other person didn’t set-up or clean up and half assed their position.  Luckily I stayed with the group that was more organized and ready for the voters.

The funny part was that I didn’t realize I was in the wrong location until a voter’s polling place was at the Brick Church, but came to the White Church’s polling location (And this was just before 8:30am)  I told the Poll Inspector and asked me if I wanted to go there and she would call HQ.  I told her no because I didn’t want to go into a group that was a mess (like the unorganized one aka the other precinct).  I liked that, for my first time I was a in a group that was on point and knew what was going on thanks to the Poll Inspector.  However, I did feel bad because I felt like I was shortchanging my original assignment at the Brick Church.

Fast forward to closing my group packed quickly and assignments were assigned in the am.  The other group though, phew, slow in cleaning up so I helped them put down the polling booths and went back to my group.  I forgot to mention the person who half-assed it also left when the polls close leaving their group to 3 people vs my group to 5 people.  They didn’t really know what they were doing and I am so happy that I was not with them.  My group counted ballots and cleaned up that I was able to leave early.  I know it’s not a race on who finishes first, but man..they needed help.

With this experience I MIGHT consider doing it again in November for the presidential election.  If I need the $ it’s a possibility.



Author: mizdaryl

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