“Will you be my bridesmaid/moh”

It was Christmas weekend and what better way to formally ask my girls to be a part of my wedding than around the Holidays.

I got a few ideas online and made it my own. I first needed a box to put all the stuff in and I bought photo/holiday boxes and some crinkle paper to stuff them with.  I wanted it to be simple, but not overly simple if that makes any sense at all.  I bought mini bottles of the choice of alcohol they like, nail polish with the color for my wedding (O.P.I. “Purple With A Purpose”), a personalized gift especially for them, and a Sprinkles cupcake so they have something sweet.  In addition to the gifts they have I wrote them a letter and decorated it nicely with a photo of us on the bottom.  I wanted it to look a little different so I made it pop by adding Velcro to the picture.





I initially wanted to ask them all at the same time, but you know a lot of things happen before Christmas so I asked them individually during brunch/dinner (I highly suggest doing it all together if you can).



This is only the beginning!!  I’ll be posting more wedding adventures and planning up until the big day!  Stay tuned!!


❤ Miz Daryl



Author: mizdaryl

I enjoy blogging about DIY projects/crafts, recipes, traveling, music for my aural pleasure, and my daily randoms of life. Take a ride with me through the road of life.

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