Tarte Lights, Camera, Lashes Precision Longwear Liner Review

Review & swatch of Tarte Lights, Camera, Lashes Precision Longwear Liner in “black”.




I bought this product on Ulta as a part of their 21 Days of #ultabeauty.  It is orifinally $20, but was on sale for $10.  I really want to do some cat eyes and I wanted to try this out.



The packaging from the box to the pen is sleek and smooth.  The box has a snake-like texture and the gold lettering is embossed.  So perfect already.  The pen itself is smooth with a matte finish where you hold the pen.  The cap has a snake-printing so you won’t loose it.



The felt tip pen is flexible so there is no roughness when it is pressed onto the eyelid.



As soon as I put it on my eye it the line is smooth, but does not instantly dry and is definitely buildable if needed.  My biggest “no” for me is after having this on while I am at work for a few hours (which is indoors) I start to get raccoon eyes on the outer part of my bottom eye.  I repeatedly wipe my eye after hours of application.  I do not know if this does not work for me or it is across the board with others.

Does this item work for you or is it just me?  This eyeliner does not work for me and I will be returning it.



e.l.f. Cosmetics Daily Hydration Moisturizer SPF 15 REVIEW

It is not conventional of me to do any sort of review, but I was so compelled to reviewing this particular item.  So here it goes…

First of, I absolutely love e.l.f. make-up brushes and have been a fan of them since their earlier years before they were sold in stores.  This item is my first face item I have tried from their line.

I visited the e.l.f. store and thought $8 for 2.53 oz of face product is a great deal.  It was winter time and I wanted my face to feel soft and hydrated and because it was my first e.l.f. face item I was really excited to try it out the following day.

I tried it out for a little over a week and it was good product to use to get me through the day.  After a few days of use I would notice my face get flakey and dry!  A complete opposite of what the packaging says!!  I stopped using the moisturizer for a couple of days and low and be hold, my skin was not dry or flaking.  After a few days of rest from the product I wanted to give it a go again and after a two consecutive uses my face began to dry again!

So again, I stopped using the product.  A few months have passed since winter and I thought, “Let’s try using the moisturizer again since it’s warmer now.”  A single day of use and the same results, dry and flaking skin.  Its details are..

This lightweight, broad-spectrum SPF 15 moisturizer helps hydrate and nourish for glowing, healthy looking skin.  Infused with Purified Water and skin-nourishing antioxidants from Vitamin E and Grape.” 

I have normal skin and take good care of my face, but it’s odd to not have this product work for me despite its description.  I do not usually explore outside of their make-up brushes, but this for me is a no-go.

Sephora Beauty Class; Daytime Smokey Eye


I booked this class over a month ago and I was so happy to try the class out.  There were 5 girls present and the MUA asked what colors we wanted to try.   I wanted to try some dark red/reddish color smokey eye.  I used the Viseart Eyeshadow Palette – color 01 Neutral Matte. ($80)

When I arrived there were 3 eye brushes all Sephora brand, eye primer, and clipboard to take notes.  The brushes we used were: Sephora Collection Pro Allover Shadow Brush #12 for eye shadow all over the lid ($20) Sephora Collection Pro Tapered Crease #19 to blend ($20), and Sephora Collection Pro Shader Brush #18 to smudge ($17).


These are the steps to achieve the Daytime Smokey Look with the tools provided and palette used..


Step1: Prep entire eye and under eye with Sephora Collection Total Age Defy Cream for Eyes & Lips ($26)

Step 2: Primer entire eye and under eye with Too Faced Shadow Insurance ($20)

Step 3: Set primer with neutral eye color on the entire eye by using brush #12 with a matte nude color.  I used sable (1st row, 3rd color).

Step 4: Using #12 brush I used the transition shade brique (mid tone color; 2nd row, 2nd color) to place it on the eyelid.  Start at the outer edge of the eye and use windshield wiper motion to blend the color onto the lid.  Do small circular motions to blend upward toward the brow.

Using #19 brush I used chocolat (darkest color; 2nd row, 1st color) to blend from the outer corner and created a small “v” shape into the lash line.  I went back with brique over chocolat to soften the look using circular motions to blend the colors together.

Step 5: With the #12 brush with brique I pat it on the eyelid to give more of the brick red color pop out.

Step 6: Using the #18 brush I took chocolat and smudged it into my lash line to create an eyeliner.  If you want more of a dramatic look you can choose whatever eyeliner you like.  Blend using #19 to blend colors together.  Also using the #18 brush start from the outer corner of the eye into the lower eye.

Step 7: Using #12 and ivoire (light shade, may be shimmer if you choose) on the arch of your eyebrow towards the end of your eyebrow.  Still using ivoire (1st row, 4th color) and #12 create a “v” on the inner corner of your eyelid.  Blend if needed.


Quick tips:

*If you make a mistake use eye primer to fix mistake.

*You can use your ring finger to apply/blend eye shadow.

*The further you hold the brush from the feral the lighter the pressure.


The technique that was taught can be used on any color of your choosing as long as they are in the same family. (browns, pinks, etc.)

Here is the look I achieved using the tools provided and the techniques I learned.



It was my first time attending a class with Sephora and it was fun. I am excited to attend other classes and I will definitely let you guys know how it went.  It’s an interactive class and questions are always welcomed.  If you have tried any of the classes or conduct any of the classes let me know how you like it/them.


❤ Miz Daryl