2017 Photo Blog Rewind

2017 has been a year of steady growth in all aspects especially life.  I hope 2018 will be so much better than this year.  Here’s a quick recap of the year..


Weekend getaway back to Emerald City.



My newest God baby, Malliah.



Bachelorette weekend in Palm Springs & wedding #1.


More concerts this year than past years.  From John Legend to Jay-Z and everything in between.

Backstreet Boys – April

Wango Tango, John Legend – May

Colbie Callait, Incubus – August

Jay-Z – October


Meet my favorite Backstreet Boy…twice and Howie!!! Absolutely fangirling!



Baker to Vegas – March

Hollywood Half Marathon – April

Disneyland race weekend 6.2 & 13.1 – September


Honolulu, Hawaii


My Birthday!


Went to church in the sky with my countless omg’s.


Bachelorette weekend in San Diego’s & wedding #2.


Los Cabos, Mexico


Snapchat filter for Halloween!



Meet a reindeer!






And of course countless Disneyland trips



There weren’t as many extravagant trips this year as last year, but that could be because of all the Disneyland visits.  While in Mexico I started a travel journal which, hopefully, I will continue in my future travels.  However, it does take a bit of time to write in detail about my day.

Fitnesswise, I have had a few injuries (if you can even call them that) that I had to overcome.  1) I messed up my wrist while working out and didn’t fully recover until thre months later.  Even now while working out I do think about not hurting it again.  2) I made the biggest running error in all the years I have been running and work Nike’s during a race.  A big no-no and I now have plantar fasciitis and have not ran since mid-October.  I feel I am slowly healing though and I do want to do a lot of half’s in 2018.  Finally, not an injury, but a fitness goal, I can kind of, sort of almost do a pull up.  We’ll see how far I get with this in the coming year.





2016 Photo Blog Rewind

2016 was a crazy year.  I finally got married and traveled around the world and visited new places.  I am looking forward to more races, more traveling and whatever else ’17 has to offer.  Enjoy the photos!  See you next year!


Shopping around for a reception venue.


Big Bear weekend!

Paris, France; The Louvre, Eiffle Tower, Champs Elysees, and more.

Barelona, Spain; Gauidi, tapas, xhurros, vino.


1-year engagement anniversary.

Portland, OR location of our engagement shoot and first time using AirBnB in a tiny home.


My annual Hollywood Half Marathon race where I PR’d.  1:55 =)

San Diego, CA May & December

My birthday!

Las Vegas, NV


Our yearly tradition, going to the OC Fair.

Wedding Shower.


Mr. & Mrs. Li

Ensenada B.C. Mexico cruise.


Our 7th anniversary.


Our wedding day!


Granada, Nicaragua

Guanacaste, Costa Rica



Denver, CO


Christmastime at Knott’s Merry Farm

Disneyland & DCA, Final Check-Out at Hollywood Tower of Terror