Happy Easter



Plantar Fasciitis Update

It’s been about 6 months that I have had plantar fasciitis and it is terrible. I like to move and be active and I’ve been incapacitated to try and not move and rest my foot completely sucks.  I have to wear orthotics everyday so heels are out of the question unless I will be sitting down for a good portion of the event and sneakers and closed toed shoes are my new best friend.

Since I’ve had this condition I ran a few times and 4 miles the most, but I recently reinjured myself again. When I work out I am in the zone, but nowadays my feet dictate the intensity of my workout.  I was at the gym doing deadlifts and might have bit off a little more than I can chew according to my feet.  This time I knew the 45 weight on the barbell was a little much, but I pushed myself.  I pushed myself enough where I reinjured my foot again.  There have been a few mornings when I am walking to the bathroom and my foot is throbbing.  It’s gotten so bad that some nights when I am asleep I can feel my foot hurting a lot.

I have to take it back a couple of notches and take it easy on my feet and the weights that I do. Even spin class can be a little intense for my feet.  Swimming is the best option of course, but the pool at my gym is questionable.  I wonder how long I have to wait until I get to 100% into running again.

I made an appointment to the doctor, but it is two weeks from now unless there’s a cancelation. What else is there for me to do?  Wait and wait and roll my foot on a lacrosse ball, roll my foot on a frozen water bottle, and wear orthotics until the doctor gives me a cortisone shot.

SHEDFAT Queen of the Hill Workout – Day 1

I have been following on SHEDFAT   Snapchat for a year now.  They provide workout/clean eating tips, workouts, and motivation for a healthy lifestyle.

I began using SHEDFAT MAXX the beginning of the year and I love it.  It is a workout supplement to increase energy, build muscle, and help with weight loss.  I recently bought the “Queen of the Hill Workout”.  It is a 12-week workout guide to help build muscle and get strong.  There is a slight introduction on healthy eating and how to stay motivated.  Do not be fooled by the title of the workout, but it is for both men and women.

Since it is the first structured workout I am following I thought it would be cool to follow my progression throughout the workout for the next three months.