She lost her cuteness

I haven’t seen my Goddaughter in a few months and I finally saw her this weekend.

She has grown up so much and is out of her little kit stage and being cute and sweet.  She IS NOW a big kid with attitude.

I call her over and say, “Come look at this.”  She comes and she leaves and says, “Wow, that was so exciting” with a sarcastic tone.

Where did this attitude come from??  She’s growing up way too fast.

Running update

As of late, I’ve been hiking several times a week by a place not too far from me.  Today I decided to try adding in the mix, I mean after all it’s been a week.  I can’t run like I used to, but I’m SLOWWWLLY getting back there.  Anyway, I ran 2 miles in 21 minutes.  There was a point at the 1 mile marker that I felt my knee giving in again.  I stuck it out and got into a small runner’s high.  I need to slowly get back into doing 5k’s under 30 minutes.  Slowly, I’ll get there again.