Victoria’s Secret Pink haul!



TODAY ONLY!  Get a free beanie with any Pink purchase!

I was able to make two separate purchases and bought both of the beanies they were offering.

Purchase 1: Pink hand cream in “Hibiscus” $5

Purchase 2: Face masks were on sale 2/$5, retail, $5/ea!


#winning #pinknation


Today’s Victoria’s Secret Haul!




For Victoria’s Secret I got a coupon in the mail for free underwear (and you can’t pass that up) and my coworker, who’s a VS cardholder, forwarded me an e-mail for a free tumbler.  Catch of course is you have to make a purchase.  I made a purchase of mini lotion and got two free items!! FTW!!!


Total retial: $25.45

I spent: $5.xx



Toms Warehouse Sample Sale Photo Blog

Every time there’s a Toms Warehouse Sample Sale I’m usually there.  This was this year’s sale!

One for one.
Shoes everywhere!
Women’s Price list. Slip-ons went from $20 to $22


Didn't do too much damage.
Didn’t do too much damage.
It's really 6 pairs, not 9.  >.<
It’s really 6 pairs, not 9. >.<
4 slip-ons and 2 wedges.
4 slip-ons and 2 wedges.

There were quite a few shoes that were repeats from the past sales I’ve gone too.  Fortunately, there were still shoes left in my size, but it took a while to find them. Haha.

Prices went up since last year (as everything in this world) and they didn’t have bags for shoes either.  *wompwomp*

The last sale I went to was the first time they had sunglasses and they had them this time around too, but prices went up for those too from $30 to $36.

Any who, I’ll probably be back next year!

Rite Aid Haul

I went to Rite Aid during my lunch today at work in hopes to get Halloween candies to giveaway.  But of course I always stop by the cosmetics aisle just because.  Luckily I went when they had a good selection of items that were 75% off!!  Usually when I see the tags, I’m on the latter part of the sale when there’s nothing left.

My haul includes Sally Hansen Grow Nails Now, Black Radiance Eye Appeal Eyeliner, Black Radiance Blush Brush, Maybelline Clean Express Eye Make Up Remover, Maybelline Twin Brow and Eye Pencil, Maybelline Color Tattoo Pigments (Pink Rebel, Wild Gold)
I wish the color tattoos would be on clerance as well, but you know.  I was trying not to go too crazy, but now that I think about it I want more (maybe all the color tattoos) >.<




Spent a whopping total of $9.xx and saved just under $27!  Bargain shopping to the max.  Oh yeah!!