Victoria’s Secret Pink haul!



TODAY ONLY!  Get a free beanie with any Pink purchase!

I was able to make two separate purchases and bought both of the beanies they were offering.

Purchase 1: Pink hand cream in “Hibiscus” $5

Purchase 2: Face masks were on sale 2/$5, retail, $5/ea!


#winning #pinknation


Today’s Victoria’s Secret Haul!




For Victoria’s Secret I got a coupon in the mail for free underwear (and you can’t pass that up) and my coworker, who’s a VS cardholder, forwarded me an e-mail for a free tumbler.  Catch of course is you have to make a purchase.  I made a purchase of mini lotion and got two free items!! FTW!!!


Total retial: $25.45

I spent: $5.xx



Toms Warehouse Sample Sale Photo Blog

Every time there’s a Toms Warehouse Sample Sale I’m usually there.  This was this year’s sale!

One for one.
Shoes everywhere!
Women’s Price list. Slip-ons went from $20 to $22


Didn't do too much damage.
Didn’t do too much damage.
It's really 6 pairs, not 9.  >.<
It’s really 6 pairs, not 9. >.<
4 slip-ons and 2 wedges.
4 slip-ons and 2 wedges.

There were quite a few shoes that were repeats from the past sales I’ve gone too.  Fortunately, there were still shoes left in my size, but it took a while to find them. Haha.

Prices went up since last year (as everything in this world) and they didn’t have bags for shoes either.  *wompwomp*

The last sale I went to was the first time they had sunglasses and they had them this time around too, but prices went up for those too from $30 to $36.

Any who, I’ll probably be back next year!